As an individual in the Professional Hospital Administration field, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for the outstanding treatment and professionalism you have provided as my ocularist. You have an ability to quickly familiarize yourself with your patient’s needs during a most difficult time. Your attention to detail and the final design and fitting of my prosthesis was simply phenomenal. My overall appearance is completely natural and cosmetically pleasing to not only myself, but my family, friends and colleagues, as well.
Again, mahalo for your care and concern and the outstanding
professionalism you have demonstrated as a “Board Certified Ocularist”.

Lyndell Wood
Kailua, HI

The first time I had ever heard of a scleral cover shell was when I met Doss Tannehill. He is a very gentle man that made me feel there was hope. I had cataract surgery on my left eye and suffered a hemorrhage that left me without sight. My doctor said, after many operations, there was nothing else that could be done. Doss explained to me that he could make a scleral cover shell that would look the same as my right eye. With in a few days the prosthesis was completed and as you can tell Doss is a fantastic artist. The fit is perfect without any discomfort. In fact, it is like wearing a contact lens. Now, instead of wearing tinted sunglasses to hide the disfigured eye, I feel very happy to show off, and not one person has noticed the scleral shell is not my real eye.
Thank you Doss for giving me this wonderful uplift…you do incredible work. God Bless you.


Lynne Shanahan

When I moved to Honolulu, I was concerned about going to a new ocularist. In my previous experiences, it took weeks to get an appointment and sometimes more than a month to be finished with the procedure. I had to sit in a waiting room full of sick ENT patients and wait long past my appointment time. Although I was grateful for the technology, the process of having a custom prosthesis made was something I never enjoyed.

When the time came to get a new prosthesis, I called Doss Tannehill, who had been recommended by my previous ocularist. Doss answered the phone, said he was a one man show and worked out of his home. Much to my surprise, he was able to see me almost immediately. When I walked into his office waiting room I was greeted first by his wonderful dog, then Doss, and escorted directly to his lab. Long story short, he made it a fun and painless experience. The man has a wicked sense of humor and his dog was always nearby for moral support. The prosthesis he made is the best I’ve ever had. I felt pretty for the first time in many years.

Doss Tannehill is a warm, caring, funny and extremely talented ocularist. I don’t know why he has a waiting room, because I never had to sit and wait in it.


Susan “Cricket” Jaber