Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is we will do everything within our power to satisfy your needs. We believe if it will enhance the result, and it is possible for us to make the adjustment, we will do it. Our driving desire is to provide you a professional service that will help you restore to normal as possible, your pre-surgical appearance.

The Overall Fitting Process

Please allow 4 days or more for us to create a custom ocular prosthesis.

An ocular prosthesis is a very personal work of art and we want to spend the necessary time with you to provide the best result.

On Your First Visit

The first visit will take approximately 2 hours. On this visit an impression will be taken of the socket and the iris background is painted. In addition to the background painting, we will fit a wax model which is used during the lab process to cast the ocular prosthetic shape.

On Your Second Visit

On the second visit we will continue the art work with detailed surface painting of the iris and the sclera, (the sclera is the white part of the eye ). Normally we allow up to two hours for this part of the process. Once the eye is painted, it must be dried and then sealed with a clear plastic overlay. The last part of the procedure requires a curing process under high pressure and high temperature to fully cure the acrylic plastic. Proper and thorough curing is necessary to ensure a comfortable and quality made ocular prosthesis.

Delivery Day

Once polished, the completed prosthesis will be inserted and evaluated for fit, appearance and comfort. Any needed modifications that are observed will be performed before the delivery of the eye. Upon final delivery, you will be instructed in the care and handling of your prosthesis.



Ongoing Service

Your prosthesis will require professional cleaning, polishing and disinfecting every 6 months. This important service is necessary to maintain the socket health, proper fit of the eye, and to maximize the life of your prosthesis, which is normally five to seven years.


Natural Iris Conformers

If you are about to have an enucleation (removal of your eye) or have recently had an enucleation, a new standard of care is available to you with the Natural-Iris Conformer.

Normally, when an enucleation is performed a clear plastic conformer is placed in the socket by the surgeon at the time of surgery to maintain the integrity of the socket. It usually takes 6-8 weeks after the surgery before the socket is healed enough to begin the fitting of the custom ocular prosthesis. The emotional and psychological benefits to the patient are tremendous with the Natural-Iris Conformer.


Only someone who has experienced the loss of an eye can truly appreciate the trauma of that experience. Instead of a clear plastic conformer the new standard of care is an iris conformer. It is a conformer that has an iris, the colored part of the eye, and the sclera, the white part of the eye. The Natural-Iris Conformer provides for a more natural appearance after the removal of the eye. These iris conformers are available in 6 different colors and 3 sizes.


Visit the website at for more information about the Natural-Iris Conformer.